Corvay advises the biotech, pharmaceutical and chemical industries on the basis of our own operational experience in international management functions. In doing so, we benefit from our efficient and professional network in the core markets of our customers and partners.

Strategie Corvay


We analyze your strengths, your competition and your market environment. Through our in-depth strategy assessment we continue to develop your business goals, create creative measures, and enable you to reorient, expand, and innovate in the international context of high technology industries such as chemicals, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines.

Organisation Corvay


Nobody can see oneself but needs a mirror: We are your mirror when considering your organization and the associated internal and external challenges. Whether assistance in management processes, change management, process development or optimization of interactions with customers or suppliers, we support your organizational development.

Projektentwicklung Corvay

Project development

Consultancy services in marketing or in research and development tend to result in operational challenges that we evaluate and support as project managers or project developers. Our task ranges from the integration of new projects into an existing corporate structure to starting up and managing new independent companies.

Successful consulting projects

Every action creates reaction, professionalism that bears our signature.