Long-chain Aliphatic

Dicarboxylic Acids

Highly purified long-chain diacids are made from paraffin oils, with yeast oxidation, using modern technology. Dicarboxylic acids are carboxylic acids with two carboxy groups and the following chemical structural formula HOOC (CH 2) n COOH. Long-chain dicarboxylic acids are compounds which total carbon number is greater than 9. These acids offer greater flexibility and strength than short-chain dicarboxylic acids because of their physical properties. Long-chain aliphatic dicarboxylic acids are outstandingly suitable for production of:

– anti-corrosives

– adhesives

– lubricants

– polymers

– and many more

The dicarboxylic acids we distribute have been produced using a biotechnological manufacturing process in compliance with the highest quality requirements.

Order / Information

DC11 Undecanedicarboxylic Acid

DC12 Dodecanedicarboxylic Acid (DDDA)

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DC13 Tridecanedicarboxylic Acid (Brassylic Acid)

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DC14 Tetradecanedicarboxylic Acid

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