Long-chain Aliphatic

Dicarboxylic Acids

Long Chain Dicarboxylic Acids are manufactured from paraffin oil or plant derived oils through a biotechnological fermentation process. They are highly purified by the use of latest technology.

Dicarboxylic Acids contain two acid moieties and have the generic structural formula of HOOC-(CH2)n-COOH. Long Chain Dicarboxylic Acids are all diacids whose total amount or carbon atoms is greater than nine (>9). Due to their physical characteristics dicarboxylic acids are especially useful for the production of high-performance polymers (polyester, polyamides), anti-corrosives, lubricants, adhesives, various coatings and many more.


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DC10 Decanedioic (Sebacic Acid)

DC11 Undecanedioic Acid

DC12 Dodecanedicarboxylic Acid (Technical Grade DDDA)

DC12R Dodecanedicarboxylic Acid (Polymer Grade DDDA)

DC13 Tridecanedicarboxylic Acid (Brassylic Acid)

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DC14 Tetradecanedicarboxylic Acid

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